Prep Day 26: Rust, Acorns, and an Offer on the House

Life felt easier on the road.

Probably because there wasn’t the time or space to worry about things. Life consisted of waking up, having breakfast, dealing with rain/wet tent issues, heading out to discover what the day and world had in store, and sometime in the afternoon starting to look for a place to stop for the night. Sometimes we had to get groceries. Everything was immediate. Plans were just a few days out and fluid.

We now have a lot of time to worry about things.

And time to question, which creates doubt. Which choice is right? Will we regret doing X when we could have done Y? Oh the doubts aren’t about anything big. I’m still inexorably happy I left my day job even though I still haven’t quite figured out how to turn my books sales and writing courses into a business earning a livable wage. But I will. I just need time.

No the doubts lie more in our vehicle choice. We finally got the Cruiser back! It is tuned up and, though still needing a few more tweaks, we should be closing in on the outfitting stage. Only instead, the back currently looks like this:

cruiser mess



Why? Because Adam found a whole bunch of this in the rear panels:


Cruiser Rust

Rust. Not just rust, rot. Ugh.

It isn’t the frame, but it does need fixed. And looking over at our completely rust free Rubi, we have to wonder why we are electing to take a vehicle that is a decade older with twice the miles and has RUST over our little Rubi. But mostly because the Rubi is little. And has so much of it that is inaccessible unless you can levitate or have some crazy yoga moves.

The Cruiser is big enough we can sleep in the back. The seats are so comfy. We’ve spent a lot of time and resources outfitting it already everything from the new rack that got to carry the canoe we just sold for a drop-off at its new owners, to a new nav-radio that amazingly fit in the 1996 console without a hitch.

So Adam is filling in the rust. But it gives us so many doubts. How long is this beast going to last? Should we be looking for a replacement NOW?


Rust Repair
It might not look pretty but it had to be done…


Only we don’t have the resources for a replacement now. But the possibility is on the horizon. Because we actually accepted an offer on our house!?! Three weeks on Craig’s List, more than a dozen people interested, but it only took one to fall in love. And I’m a sucker for love at first sight. πŸ˜‰

So yeah, once we sell the house we could replace the Cruiser. Only then it will be December based on our preliminary closing date. And we won’t have time to outfit something else before heading out of Maine. And we won’t have a place to outfit something else either. So it is the Cruiser or the Rubi and unless we find something else drastically wrong (please don’t let their be anything else drastically wrong) it will be the move spacious Cruiser. Reality has checked in enough to know we will have to consider replacing it sooner than later, or at least we have some issues we are going to have to watch closely.

Prep to leave has taken on a more nostalgic and full-steam-ahead approach. I need to not just sort through items for weekly eBay auctions. I need to pack the house! Yes that expression on my face is a full-on “deer in headlight” look. Pack the house, sell things, move what we are keeping to the storage unit, continue the building of my on-line business or at least make sure it has a pulse, and was I supposed to be releasing a book this fall? Okay, that might be more of a bug-eyed look! Let’s not get into the promo days I’ve signed up for at a fantasy con and that we managed to score tickets to the VT Overland Rally and will be gone for four days. I think I’m starting to twitch.

Deep breath. It really isn’t that bad. We are all just a little hyper sensitive right now because of the acorns. Yes, I typed acorns.

The oak trees have a banner crop this year. I’ve never seen so many acorns in my life. There are more acorns on the ground than leaves. And they are big. And Ayashe is deathly afraid of falling acorns. Deathly. Afraid.


How many acorns do you see in this photo??
How many acorns do you see in this photo??


It doesn’t help they are hitting the metal roof of our house like the trees are throwing them. Or maybe it is the squirrels. I don’t know, but the sleepless nights are blending together a bit at this point. Yishi has a panic attack and begs to be saved and then proceeds to crawl all over us and pants and wants down and then wants to be saved and then won’t sleep. I’m really looking forward to nights in a tent. Somewhere not under an oak tree.

All will be well
All will be well


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  1. Victor Rutledge

    Maybe i can win the lotto, and buy your stuff for a million or so, then you’d have running around money, and time to get everything going to suit you. Failing that, maybe somebody will give you a winning lotto ticket, for $100 million, so that you and Adam can just do what you want, and the dogs can have whatever their little hearts desire. (makes a good story line, no?)