The sad realities of leaving — the last few days in our home.

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15109351_323182414734805_8610290701455530216_nI walked out to the outhouse today, and as I slipped on the crusty snow, I began thinking about where my nice snow boots were that allow me to comfortably recreate in the cold.

They are packed away. The other day I almost threw a hammer through a window out of frustration of having each and every tool and supply I needed being packed and preventing me from doing even the most simplistic of tasks. This morning upon coming out of the shower, already in a

This morning coming out of the shower, already in a relatively dark mood about how it’s one of my last decent showers, I found Autumn, my wife of 16 years sobbing in the kitchen about leaving this house that we had designed together, built by hand, and planned on keeping for many years. I too feel the same way, and I am not at all happy about leaving our home. If we had not sold everything we would probably have called the sale off… except…

Why then are we leaving?

Simple: the Town of Liberty, Maine in which it is located, has done everything in their power to make it all but impossible to live here. They have raised our taxes, abandoned our road making it unusable from first snow until mid-May, teamed up with the local ATV riders to harass us and trespass on our land. They have turned the neighbors against us. We cannot go to the local store or gas station without a comment or action taken against us. They have gone so far as to try to have me arrested and also even have me fired from one local job and caused further difficulty for my wife in her past job. It has gotten so bad that I have had daydreams about certain criminal acts that I can not repeat but would put the town on national news (they are only daydreams, I swear!). Simply put, we cannot stay in this town (or county) for our health and need to leave.

Why not simply keep the house and leave then?

This is twofold. For one, there are still the taxes that the town would continue to raise. Add to that the very real fear our house would be burned in our absence or at least robbed. There is also the fact that we were forced to partition our property out of a much larger 50 acre parcel.The prospect of not being able to use the land we traditionally have had access to is heartbreaking in itself for much love had been put into it. Many dreams have been crushed in the past 5 years, and my good memories tarnished. Even typing this article causes me much grief.

So I sit here in my comfortable recliner in front of my fire with my dog resting at my feet and a cup of coffee, enjoying what will probably be one of our last good days for a very long while. In the next 4-7 weeks, my wife and I will be separated with me remaining as a guest in Maine and her continuing south to assist where I do feel not welcome nor would be a good influence.

Who knows what the future holds? Time will tell. We still hope to travel south where it’s warmer or possibly go to Europe for a while. I am sure in the future we will look back and laugh but for me with the prospect of the future so bleak it is hard to remain positive.