What to Pack on the Eve of Destruction.

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I write this on November 7th, the eve of the elections of the most hostile campaign in American history and two of the most hated candidates of all time. Our top law enforcement is undermining one candidate one day while the other candidate is bragging about martial law. Elsewhere our military equipped police forces are  working for billionaires and macing or shooting peaceful natives trying to protect their lands, graves and water. The media is controlled by money, the one source of truthful information, Wikilieaks, is dismissed as unreliable at worst or ignored at best. We are living in very bad times.

So…What the heck to do pack when you are actually giving up the one place you have for security and hitting the road with just enough supplies to last a week at a time.

  1. Self supplied power; Our Cruiser is equipped with a 100w flexible solar panel and a spare battery. We can effectively live off grid indefinitely with the exception of needing food.
  2. Water Purification; We have the ability to clean our water through our MSR bulk water filtration.
  3. Communication: If necessary we are setup for long range Wi-Fi, vie Wifrie, Cellular, Midland CB, and we are also both HAM radio operators running an FT-60 HT.
  4. Firearms: This decision has been very troubling to us. We are not gun enthusiasts, Adam sold almost all the guns he had this summer. We do not like the responsibility of ownership, do not believe in the culture behind them nor do we like to be put in the situation where we have to decide on what to bring. Given the current state of affairs with the militarization and hostile nature of the police, the hostile nature of the populous, the rise of militias and hate groups it is becoming more of a necessity to carry a weapon just in case. However it is not just a matter of getting a handgun and putting it in the glove box. Doing so immediately condemns you to death by police if it’s found. The weapon we are considering is our old Winchester 94 lever action. It’s not big, it’s not scary, it’s not restricted in Canada or any state. It’s small enough to pack and big enough to make a statement if necessary.
  5. The Knowledge of Bushcraft: If there is anything more valuable to know, it’s how to survive in the bush. To make shelter, start fire, find food and survive. We are not preppers, nor survivalists….we are normal folks who know by having lived it for years. Hopefully we know it enough to survive the next 4 years! Lots of information out there, pick up a Bushcraft book at the local library or just get out there and learn!
  6.  Shelter: While Bushcraft is useful, shelter is generally nice. We have a roof top tent by Autohome but have been toying with picking up an Oztent. They seem pretty cool and checked them out recently at Vermont Overland. In the meantime we also have a Big Agnes Rattlesnake tent for fast/light camping away from the cruiser.
  7. Food: This is a tough one. We have an ARB fridge for the cruiser so can keep things cold as long as the sun shines. That being said we also have a camping GSI pressure cooker to cook food faster with propane or campfire but it does come down to basics. We have a cast iron dutch oven as well. Given our options rice, beans, potatoes, and pasta are staples.


In general we are pretty prepared, or at least the best we can be. Worst case we can escape to Canada or Mexico but for the time being we need to take it one day at a time. We feel that there is no effective preparation that can be done as there is no precedent as to what is going on at the current. These times are truly the eve of destruction. 🙁