Working from the Road

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A few days ago my laptop started flickering a bit. It eventually stopped but the issue was just one more in an entire range of things that I have been dealing with. In addition to the minor screen issues I have a track pad that works about 50% and the laptop tends to heat up enough to double as a cooking surface, not something that a “laptop” should do. :/

The issue with Macs unfortunatly is they simply do not just simply die…they suffer a long slow death and retain thier usabilty to some degree. Our first Mac, an Ibook from the late 90s is painfull slow, no longer has updates, will not run new software, but it will work as a word processor and surf the internet, by golly!! So what happens when you rely on a device to be there when you need it, to last longer than 6hrs on a battery and store your life, possibly even allow you to work?

In this case you simply bite the bullet. You upgrade, you retire your useable but diminishing in usefulness laptop and get something new. The problem is mac laptops are rediculously expensive. It’s almost criminal what they ask but for the reasons listed above we stick with them. This works well in a world where you have a desk and power at all times. In our life space is premium and adaptability is necessary.  A second laptop is not practical so we went in another route. We purchased an Ipad Pro. 10.5.

I personally feel very strongly about iOS devices, well I personally hate them. They are gimmicky, overpriced, crown jewels of the consumer culture dominated by people who feel they need the best to be cool. My last iphone ownership ended in the back yard with the phone being used as target for my 9mm handgun. Since that time I have been an Android fan, they work and I can modify them if they don’t. Android unfortunatly is still trailing in the tablet market where Ipads are ruling. The ipad also has a lot more power than my old laptop. I also prefer the ipad as it’s used extensivly in aviation and that is a possible chapter I my follow in time. Finally the ipad is very useful for working on the road. It’s got a big clear screen, cool operation, long battery life and most importantly, portability. I am typing this on I-290 in Worchester, Massachusetts while Autumn is driving. I could not do this with my laptop. 

While I still view this thing as an overpriced toy, It may come in useful in the future. I apologize for typos, grammer and spelling errors. I have yet to find a way of incorperating them into my writing. This is not an Android afterall. πŸ˜‰